Themes and Rates

The Jungle Hut

$25 per person

Designed to be easy enough for preteens but difficult enough for adults.  

Lost in the jungle..... Let's play the game...they say! It'll be fun....they say! But once you ​start, strange things happen and you must finish playing to escape the game.

6 participants 

Difficulty: 60% success rate

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Wicked Cubbyhole

Nestled in a small town of Smallwood, a small room full of small spells and havoc have taken over! It's you job to reverse the spells and stop the city from losing all power. Try not to get caught! Are you up for the challenge?

$25 per person

6 participants

Difficulty: 65% success rate

Room has a few fright factors and may not be for the fainted heart. Not recommended for children under 10.